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"Rowan Gibson is inspiring! The feedback on his sessions was awesome, and without a doubt he was instrumental as a trigger for our  innovation agenda. His footprint in our efforts is evident and it is highly appreciated"



Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson is one of today’s foremost thought leaders on business innovation. He is the author of two internationally bestselling books, and one of the world’s most in-demand public speakers. The media have labeled him “Mr. Innovation”, “the Innovation Grandmaster”, “the W. Edwards Deming of innovation” and “a guru among the gurus”. Rowan’s speaking and consulting engagements have taken him to 60 countries around the globe, and he is an adviser to a long list of Fortune 500 companies. He is also the co-founder of the world’s most popular innovation website –

Keynote Speeches

Rowan Gibson is one of the world’s busiest and most popular public speakers. He has already inspired audiences in 60 countries across the globe…


Rowan also conducts more extensive innovation masterclasses, designed to immerse your key people in the skills of radical innovation...

International Clients


“Rowan Gibson energized our associates and demystified the process of innovation. We fully intend to accelerate the momentum that has built up, and to put full-time senior resources behind driving the ideas that he shared.”


“Rowan Gibson’s motivation and leadership have changed the dynamics of our organization.”


Rowan’s internationally bestselling books are now available in 25 language versions 

Innovation to the Core
Innovation to the Core
Innovación en el ADN de la Organización
Innovación en el ADN de la Organización
Rethinking the Future
Rethinking the Future

The Four Lenses of Innovation

The “Four Lenses of Innovation” (outlined in Rowan’s bestselling book “Innovation to the Core”) is a high-performance tool for systematic ideation, which is helping some of the world’s most successful companies generate breakthrough opportunities for profitable growth. It gives organizations a practical and easy-to-use methodology for continuously generating new strategic insights and for turning these insights into game-changing innovations. The Four Lenses of Innovation are: 


– questioning deeply-held dogmas inside a company and inside an industry 


– spotting patterns of change which could substantially change the rules of the game


– looking for ways to stretch or recombine core competencies and strategic assets to create new growth opportunities 


– learning to live inside the customer’s skin, empathizing with unarticulated feelings and identifying unmet needs

Rowan Gibson offers in-company programs, ideation sessions and innovation training based on the Four Lenses, that will empower your people to radically rethink your products, services, processes, markets, strategies and business models in order to create new value for customers. 

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